Social Psychiatric Center Cologne-Porz

The Social Psychiatric Center Cologne-Porz (SPZ) targets people with chronic mental illness and people with psychiatric problems. We not only offer patients and their relatives free advice and information but also neighbors or friends. It is important that people are able to live in their own homes, in a familiar environment, and to avoid hospital treatment, if possible.


The Social Psychiatric Center offers various ways to help at our location and at people’s homes.


  •  Our Counseling Services provide you with an ear and offer you advice if you are affected by a mental illness. Or if you have a family member, neighbor, friend or colleague who is also affected.
  • You are welcome to our "Open Meetings" without an appointment. There you will meet people, have a coffee or chat. There are also frequent cooking courses, an internet cafe, excursions, museum visits and walks.
  • Our Assisted Living Service supports you in your home. For example, we help you with everyday needs, in developing a daily routine, in building social contacts, in dealing with mental illness, in handling crisis situations and in contacting the authorities.
  • Our Psychiatric Outpatient Care supports you through regular home visits for medication, psychiatric treatment, and coping with daily life, routine and emergency situations. These can be prescribed by a doctor.

SPZ Porz
Wilhelmstraße 7
51143 Köln

Tel.: 02203 89902-0

Fax: 02203 89902-40